Quim Marsal was born in Miravet, Catalonia, in the south of Spain where he developed an early interest in the arts, especially for moulding clay as Miravet is a well known centre for ceramic production from the Iberian and Moslem medieval periods.


He graduated in 1985 from the Fine Arts University of barcelona where he passed the civil Service Exam, and later became a teacher at the high school in Gandesa where he taught artistic drawing and the History of Art.


He continued painting and carving, but it has only been during the last few years when he has dedicated more time to his artistic production, studying in depth the old techniques in painting in oils in the style of the Great Masters to the human figure representation in all its aspects, variants and looks, especially the artistic nude composition which he has dedicated himself to in his most recent works, not forgetting his continued work on portrait and landscapes.


He takes his influence from the deeper knowledge of proportions in the human figure from Michael Angelo, and Grecian sculptures, from artists such as Velazquez, Veermer and the Modern Masters Cezaane and Matisse, you will find their influences within the works of Marsal Grinyo.